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What Biden means for the markets

Posted: 15 January 2021 by The Summary

The uncertainty is gone, and the markets are free to breathe again. So what does a Biden administration mean for the markets?

With Biden controlling the Whitehouse and the republicans controlling the Senate, it’s expected any sort of government stimulus package will be smaller than expected. That’s not necessarily a bad thing either. It could result in the US Central Bank keeping interest rates down for longer, as well as more quantitative easing – further devaluing the currency. Not awful for us foreign investors!

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Asking the professionals: Where to invest?

Posted: 9 October 2020 by The Summary

Each quarter Bloomberg asks a group of trading heavy-weights for their best picks. Given we’re in a recession and pandemic, this year’s suggestions have been quite interesting.

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How strategists are investing during the elections

Posted: by The Summary

Asian stock market analysts aren’t comfortable with the November 3rd elections and are raising cash to buy safe assets such as gold. When CNBC asked thirty analysts for their views, ten said they thought it was a good time to move out from expensive US tech stocks and instead buy up cheaper and more stressed stocks such as tourism and travel, banks and industrial sectors. 

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Investing for beginners – a quick guide

Posted: 6 October 2020 by The Summary

In this blog post on investing for beginners I’m going to explain how I would approach the markets as someone who just wants to get going with the least hassle possible, wants the lowest fees and wants the simplest way of investing. If tools like Moneybox or Nutmeg attract you, but their fees do not, this is for you! As always, everything in this blog is how I would go about things and is not financial advice.

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