Watch out for fake meat

The Motely Fool has a good piece about being prudent when buying fake meat stocks. Their view is that with all new trends, you want to be careful with who you invest in. For example, picking Amazon in the early days would have been a good bet, but then there were also many other e-commerce stocks in the early days that went bust. The same applies to Ford, a massive car manufacturer whose stock hasn’t moved much from where it was in the 1960’s. 

While the fake meat market is growing in size, and the planet requires a substantial shift in how we consume meat, Beyond Meat’s products are not yet much cheaper than traditional meat products. New entrants to the market like Lidl and Kroger are coming in and undercutting the big players, and unless Beyond and to a lesser extent Impossible Burgers who are cutting their prices on their fake meat products by 20% can provide a reasonable price for plant based “meats”, then the Motely Fool suggest being careful in investing in fake meat.

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